“Silver: Bust Through Your Barriers”


Bust through the sticking points holding you back from success with girls.  I’ve found that its usually just one or two key blocks that hold a guy back from reaching his potential in the dating world.  During this  session we will identify and eliminate these blocks.

You’ll also have the ability to pick my brain or seek out a strategy for a specific girl in your life that might be giving your trouble.

If you feel like you’re driving with the emergency break on, unable to gain traction, then these sessions will allow you to release the break and move full speed forward.

Who this package is for:

This package is for the guy who wants to better understand certain elements of “the game.”  For the man who knows that success is just within reach if only you can remove a few key blockage points.

Areas that we can work on:

  • Conversation and flirting
  • Inner game/Attitude adjustments
  • Closing the deal
  • Deciphering a woman’s intention/actions
  • Playing “the game” to keep a girl interested

A lot of guys have used these sessions to make the dates they go on more fun (and physical).  They have used these sessions to get perspective on a girl and make the right next move (instead of blowing it on their own).  And other guys have used these sessions to uncover and free themselves from a “mental block” that had been holding them back.

How it works:

Before your first call you will receive a questionnaire that will help me identify your “blocks” and formulate a plan for overcoming them.

The minute we start the session will begin to knock down the barrier holding you back.  You’ll have the opportunity to pick my brain, get feedback, mastermind, and receive an “unbiased” perspective on your current situation.


$250 for a session of tackling the biggest obstacles holding you back from success. *Most sessions run between 60-75 minutes.

The plan also includes one month of a weekly “Accountability” email where we will discuss your progress, obstacles, questions, and next move.



Gold: The Scrambler Pattern


Capture the girl you desire physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  You’re going to learn the “Love Pill” that gets a girl who is losing interest, indifferent, or has placed you in the friend zone to begin to crave you uncontrollably.

Over the course of three sessions I’m going to teach you my patented “Scrambler” that can completely reverse a girl’s opinion of you.  It’s a specific sequence of actions that will have you crawl inside her mind and begin to control her thoughts.

You’re going to get what can only be described as a “Love Pill” that you can use on a girl to make her fall in love with you.

First you’ll awaken a hidden attraction in her for you.  Then you’ll cultivate and grow that attraction until it becomes an uncontrollable desire.  And finally you’ll turn that desire into infatuation so that you can have her over and over again.

Who this package is for:

This package is for the guy who has a specific girl in his life that he wants to seduce.   This package is for you if you’re looking to gain the ability to get girls infatuated with you (and you don’t mind using mind games to do it).

The “Scrambler” is a very systematic approach to seducing a specific girl that plays on her emotions.  I repeat, if you are uncomfortable with this sort of stuff DO NOT sign up for this package.

* You MUST have access to the girl on a semi-regular basis to use the “Scrambler” effectively.  This means you must be able to communicate with her at least once per week.

How it works:

Over the course of three sessions I will lay out the entire “Scrambler” and walk you through the process of using it on a specific girl.  The entire process takes about a month to complete.  So the sessions will be spaced out accordingly.

During each session will map out your strategy, overcome obstacles, and I’ll show you how avoid potential pitfalls of the seduction.

I’ll also work with you to make sure that once you’ve completed the seduction and have taken things physical with her that you continue to keep her infatuated with you.


$595 to learn and implement the “Scrambler.”  You will get three sessions to ask questions, strategize, and master the pattern.  After that you are free to use the Pattern on as many girls as you please.

The plan also includes one month of a weekly “Accountability” email where we will discuss your progress, obstacles, questions, and next move.


Platinum: Fit Rich Laid Lifestyle Makeover


More friends, more dates, more money, and a fit, energetic body.   We’re going to turn you into an unstoppable, well-oiled machine that unapologetically takes whatever he wants in life.

Over the course of 10 sessions we’re going to map out your dream lifestyle, and we are going to systematically create it.

Each session will build on the next empowering you with unshakeable confidence and drive to accomplish what you previously thought unattainable.

You’re going to build a social circle that feeds you friends, choice with women, adventure, excitement, and sex.

You’re going to discover your passion and turn that passion into an explosion in income.  Trust me, when riches come they come pouring in.  They come pouring in so fast that you wonder where they were hiding all your life.

And you’re going to turn your body into a machine, full of energy, motivation, and power.

We’re going to get all three elements (social, financial, physical) aligned and working synergistically towards the achievement of your ultimate vision.

Who this package is for:

This package is for the man who will NOT settle for mediocrity in any area of his life.  This package is for YOU if want to join the elite.  If you want to be the type of man who makes it seem effortless.  Who exceeds expectations. If you want to be the man who reaches your full potential in every area of your life.

How it works:

Before your first call you’ll receive “blueprints” to designing your vision in these three main areas.

In our first session will map out a plan for taking these “blueprints” and building them into a lifestyle of abundance of women, money, energy, and excitement.

Over the next nine sessions we’ll work together to put every element of your vision into place.  I’ll point out your opportunities, I’ll help you overcome your weaknesses, and I’ll bring out the inner power in YOU that will make it all possible.


$2000 for 10 sessions of strategizing, implementing, and bringing your dream lifestyle into existence.

The plan also includes a weekly “Accountability” email where we will discuss your progress, obstacles, questions, and next move.