Use These Techniques Today To Develop That Cool Confident Mindset That Drives Women Wild

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This is the Introduction Video to My Most Advanced Inner Game & Self Confidence Training.  Unlock Access to the Entire 8 Week Self Esteem Blueprint Below

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8 Week Program Includes:

  • WEEK 1:  NO MORE EXCUSES: I am going to give you a simple formula I learned to always take right action. I’ll take you step by step and show you how to develop 100% responsibility for yourself… and begin the foundation of rock solid inner game.
  • WEEK 2: PLAYING TO WIN: Here you will learn how to push yourself outside your comfort zone, completely eliminate your fear of rejection, and take the necessary risks to succeed with women.
  • WEEK 3: THE NATURAL’S FRAME: Here you are going to learn how ‘naturals’ view women, and how you can change your framework to see them in this same way. This one shift will almost instantly make you 10 times more comfortable around women.
  • WEEK 4: BANISHING INSECURITY: This week we will take all of your insecurities, self-doubts, and negative beliefs and completely eliminate them… leaving you cool, comfortable, and charismatic.
  • WEEK 5: HEROES CODE: Here you are going to learn how to create an ‘internal code’ for yourself that makes it habitual to always approach women, make a move, or keep the dominant frame of an interaction.
  • WEEK 6: SELLING YOURSELFThis week you will learn how to feel comfortable standing out from the crowd, going after what you want, and becoming more aggressive and assertive about fulfilling your desires.
  • WEEK 7: GET IN THE ZONE: Here you are going to learn how to stay completely in the moment, and never get stuck in your head, or spend time worrying what she might be thinking. This will literally transform you into a more fun, outgoing, and charismatic guy.
  • WEEK 8: ALPHA ATTITUDE: This is where you’ll how to embrace your ‘inner alpha’ and unleash that ‘caveman’ inside you that women are biologically programmed to be attracted to.